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IRPPIntegrated Rehabilitation Project Plan (archaeological project of Council of Europe)
IRPPInstitute for Research on Public Policy (Institut de Recherché en Politiques Publiques - Canada)
IRPPImpôt Sur Le Revenu des Personnes Physiques (French: personal income tax
IRPPInstitute on Religion and Public Policy
IRPPIonizing Radiation Protection Program
IRPPIndustrial Readiness Planning Program
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The IRPP is an independent, national, non-profit organization, seeking to improve public policy by generating research, providing insight and sparking debate.
Nakamura, Alice and Theresa Pugh (2000), "Internet Recruiting: A Background Report", Paper Presented to the IRPP and CERF Conference on Creating Canada's Advantage in an Information Age, May.
IRPP Special Commentary, Institute for Research on Public Policy, February 25.
The IRPP Awards show is the only radio competition where programming from different countries competes head-to-head with each other, similar to the Cannes Film Festival.
Jockel, "Four US Military Commands: NORTHCOM, NORAD, SPACECOM, STRATCOM--The Canadian Opportunity," Institute for Research on Public Policy, IRPP Working Paper Series no.
In Belgium, IRPP was updated with new rules and a reference basket of 6 countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland and Finland); it should be implemented in April 2013;
It includes the completion of all documents IRPP (maps, rules, presentation note) but also all actions that aim to improve risk culture.
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See Patrik Marier, Improving Canada's Retirement Saving: Lessons from Abroad, Ideas from Home, IRPP Study No.
See also Thomas J Courchene, "Citistates and the State of Cities: Political Economy and Fiscal-Federalism Dimensions", IRPP Working Paper Series 2005-03 (2005), online: Institute for Research on Public Policy <http://www.
3) For a discussion of the concept of accountability in general, and the degree to which the concept must be modified in relation to national security, see Reg Whitaker & Stuart Farson, "Accountability in and for National Security," online: (2005) 15:9 IRPP Choices 1 at 1-13 <http:// www.