IRPRImmigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (Canada)
IRPRImmune-Related Partial Response (cancer measurement)
IRPRIntegrated Reading Performance Record (National Assessment of Educational Progress)
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identity, flight risk, or danger to the public), section 248 of the IRPR provides a list of "other factors" for consideration in determining whether release is appropriate.
Of note with respect to these provisions is that there is no provision in the IRPA or IRPR that requires consideration of criteria that speak to an assessment of whether an individual is a current danger to the public.
These are the factors now codified in IRPR, supra note 14, s 248.
The Basis of Claim (BOC) form must be submitted within 15 days for claimants lodging a refugee claim at a port of entry (see Bill C-31, supra note 1, cl 33, amending IRPA, supra note 2, s 16(2.1), and I RPR, supra note 26, s 159.8(2)), and at the time of eligibility screening for claimants making an inland claim (see Bill C-31, supra note 1, cl 33, amending IRPA, supra note 2, s 16(2.1), and IRPR, supra note 26, s 159.8(1)).
(57) 30 days for inland claimants and 45 days for port-of-entry claimants, compared to 60 days for non-DCO claims (see IRPR, supra note 26, s 159.9).
(134) IRPA, supra note 2, s 100; IRPR, supra note 26, ss 159.8-159.9,159.91-159.92; UORAP, "Environmental Scan 1", supra note 118 at 3; CARL, supra note 88; Canadian Council for Refugees, "New refugee system-one year on" (9 December 2013), online: < refugee-system-one-year-on.pdf>.
(89) Whereas IRPA, supra note 1, s 11(2) and IRPR, supra note 39, ss 6 and 7(1) require all foreign nationals including visitors to obtain a visa prior to entering Canada.
The exceptions are set out in IRPR, supra note 39, ss 159.5 and 159.6.
(103) The statute introduces a regime for identifying these states, which considers factors such as their human rights records and the historic success rates when their nationals have sought asylum in Canada: IRPA, supra note 1 109.1(1), IRPR, supra note 39, s 159.8.
The switch from absorbing applicants with university education to people holding Master's degrees under IRPA and IRPR is a case in point.