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The IRPW says that councillors throughout Wales must receive an increase in the basic salary by just under two per-cent, which is PS268, to PS13,868.
The IRPW had previously said that basic salaries would be in line with the average earnings of fulltime workers in Wales but that this could not be maintained due to the pressures on public spending.
Cllr Jones explained why he felt he couldn't accept the rise: "These pay awards are made by the IRPW and the last two years councillors have voted against the pay rise but we can't opt out of the pay rise.
A council spokesman said: "The increase in basic salary for councillors of [pounds sterling]200 was set nationally by the IRPW and equates to a rise of less than 1%.
Over the past two years Conwy's councillors had accepted a lower rate of pay than every other council in Wales, but the IRPW did not give them that option this time.
At a meeting of the full council on Thursday, councillors reluctantly agreed to the IRPW revised offer of 20, made in December.
The IRPW makes recommendations each year about basic and senior councillor salaries so that they can carry out their council duties.
Mr Jones said: "I am pleased that the cabinet has decided individually to take a far lower senior salary than the Independent Remuneration Panel For Wales (IRPW) have instructed all councils across Wales to pay.
A council report states that the IRPW has recently acquired new powers to prescribe payments by authorities to councillors.
Pay for county councillors in Wales is decided by the IRPW so the decision is out of the hands of the people who would get the money.
* SIR - The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRPW) which is responsible for setting the levels of councillors' allowances is consulting on the contents of a report which would result in the current maximum basic salary for councillors being cut by 5% and senior salaries by 10%.
Wales' local authorities are being invited by the Welsh Assembly Government to respond to proposals to let the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRPW) set allowances for Welsh councils.