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IRRIranian Rial (ISO currency code)
IRRInternal Rate of Return
IRRIndividual Ready Reserve
IRRInterest Rate Risk
IRRInternet Routing Registry
IRRInactive Ready Reserve
IRRInstitute for Religious Research (Grand Rapids, MI)
IRRImplementing Rules and Regulations
IRRInstitute of Race Relations (UK)
IRRIntegra Realty Resources (New York, NY)
IRRInitial Return Rate
IRRInfra Red Remote
IRRInterracial Relationship
IRRIndependent Race and Refugee (news network; Institute of Race Relations)
IRRIntermediate Ring Road (India)
IRRInterrupt Request Register
IRRIndiana Rail Road
IRRIntegral Rocket Ramjet (propulsion system)
IRRInspection Rejection Report
IRRInternational Radio Regulations (various locations)
IRRIonising Radiations Regulations
IRRImage Rejection Ratio
IRRInformation Request Response
IRRIn-Plan Roth Rollover (tax device)
IRRInvestigative Records Repository
IRRIntegrative Research Review (methodology)
IRRInfrared Reflectography
IRRIntegrated Readiness Report (US DoD)
IRRInitial Response Resources
IRRIntegrated Resource Recovery
IRRIndividual Retirement Record
IRRImplementation Readiness Review
IRRIntegrated Radio Room
IRRInstitute of Resource Recovery
IRRInternal Recall Recorder (Telex Vega)
IRRInterface Requirements Review
IRRInfra-red Radiometer
IRRImmediate Reroute
IRRInitial Requirements Review
IRRIonizing Radiations Regulations
IRRInitial Return Rate (TL 9000)
IRRIntelligence Radar Reporting
IRRInterim Research Review
IRRIndependent Referencing Review
IRRIntegral Rocket Engine
IRRIron Road Railways, Inc.
IRRInspect and Repair as Required
IRRInstitute for the Recovery from Racisms
IRRInstallation Readiness Report
IRRInfusion-Related Reaction
IRRInvestment Return Ratio (economics)
IRRIssues Relating to Research
IRRInterference Reduction Ratio
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The joint committee will submit its report and draft revised IRR, uniform policy and guidelines on the computation of time credits and allowances under RA 10592 to the Secretary of Justice and Secretary of the Interior and Local Government within 10 working days from the issuance of the order.
'The review of the IRR and the uniform guidelines will allow both agencies to determine if the policies currently being implemented are consistent with the intent of the law passed by Congress,' said Malaya.
Another standout investment was the sale of an Amazon data center in San Francisco for $35 million which generated an IRR of 19 per cent and an equity multiple of 1.13x
Dumama noted that the master plan may be rolled out after the release of the UHC IRR. A committee will be named to craft the master plan.
It took more than a year for the IRR to be issued as the head of the ARTA was only appointed earlier this month.
Comments and suggestions on the draft IRR of the PPSA can be emailed to the DOF-Legal Services Group (LSG).
The draft was posted online ahead of the public hearing that the DOF will hold on Wednesday (July 17) at the University of the Philippines (UP) Law Center in Diliman, Quezon City to discuss the proposed IRR.
Average DPS : 539 IRR, 0.4 Cent (IRR per USD: 135,500)
"This partnership allows us to not only better serve the needs of our existing clients by leveraging IRR's national platform and state-of-the-art technology resources, but now we can also realize our long-term vision to expand and offer our trusted expertise beyond our coverage area."
The IRR has signed an agreement to join Network Rail's University Strategic Partnership programme and will start work on several projects, including ones relating to railway worker safety and pantographs and overhead lines.
Examples are Effective Interest Rate, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and the rate used to convert future payments into present value.
On the other hand, IRR does not address the problem of linking quantitative approach of ascertaining (internal) rate of return to that essential quantitative approach of defining cost of long-term financing sources, namely weighted average cost of capital (WACC); built around WACC, the IRR model which solves this problem is known as modified IRR (MIRR).