IRRASIntegrated Reliability and Risk Analysis System
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is associated with the AMI-USC that includes innovative access technology that is complementary to IRRAS' core neurocritical care business and designed to improve clinical outcomes and patient experience.
IRRAS will gain exclusive rights to intellectual property related to a medical device product consistent with AMI-USC's mission to bridge the gap between biomedical innovation and the creation of commercially successful medical products.
In addition, IRRAS and AMI-USC will explore and collaborate to develop other related new technologies and products over time.
Ambard et al., "Intracranial aneurysmal pulsatility as a new individual criterion for rupture risk evaluation: biomechanical and numeric approach (IRRAs Project)," American Journal of Neuroradiology, vol.
To overcome these challenges, Winter and coworkers applied infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy (IRRAS) and found [beta]-sheets structures formed in the process of hIAPP aggregation at the air/water interface with a negatively charged lipid [31].
Effective immediately, IRRAS AB acquires the proprietary single and multi-lumen cranial access bolts, parenchymal ICP (Intracranial Pressure) monitoring as well as the cranial access kit.
The InnerSpace products reportedly complement IRRAS' current IRRAflow product line, strengthens its position in neurocritical care, expands its available product portfolio, the acquired patents and expertise will result in accelerated timeline as well as significantly reduce the development costs of planned IRRAflow products.
Following the acquisition, the sales are expected to be initiated by the IRRAS' US commercial organisation in Q3 2019.
According to the nomination committee, Gilmore-Lawless is well suited to be a board member of IRRAS and will bring valuable additional expertise and experience from the North American neurosurgery market.
This financing will be used by IRRAS to support its EU commercial growth strategy and achieve regulatory approval in the US, in its efforts to become a global leader in CNS fluid management in the medical device area.
IRRAS said it has successfully begun the commercialisation of its IRRAflow technology, having performed more than 60 different cases globally.