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IRREInternal Rate of Return on Equity
IRREInstitute for Research and Reform in Education (Toms River, NJ)
IRREIstituto Regionale Ricerca Educativa (Italian: Regional Education Research Institute; Italy)
IRREInline Relational Record Editing
IRREInternational Road Roughness Experiment (est. 1982; Brazil)
IRREInitial Response Readiness Exercise
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Existem, ainda, outros elementos de controle via sistema de autorizacao de vendas, com previsao de aplicacao de multas em razao de irre gularidades ou descumprimento das exigencias, alem da possibilidade de auditorias, realizadas pelo Departamento de Auditorias do SUS.
Irre nat fo Irrespective of offers from either nation, the teen won't be available for Ireland's friendly against England on June 7 in Dublin.
Having said that, a particularly interesting example is under (20), where DARE appears with semantically related expressions such as dirstig mod 'daring mind' and in the context of fear, i.e., the verb ondraedan 'to dread' and the nominal phrase cyninges irre 'king's wrath':
Nor can a Thomist accept the essential elements of Heidegger's controversial philosophy, especially his thesis on the negativity of truth, which asserts that errancy (Irre) or untruth is intrinsic to the essence of truth.
The budget review committee had included a comment that the natural gas feedstock prices should be such that the IRRE of these petrochemical companies not exceed 25 percent.
Esta reparacion, de impactos muchas veces irre cuperables, involucra la participacion del Estado y de las empresas y organizaciones involucradas, desde el reconocimiento de lo ocurrido hasta un esfuerzo hacia una reparacion integral.
Die Lesenden werden gefuhrt, nicht in die Irre, sondern in gewichtige soziografische Zusammenhange der Biografie, welche Auftraggebende, Ausfuhrende, KritikUbende nachweist, Verleger und Kopisten sowie die Inhaber und Inhaberinnen der Privatsammlungen, in deren Besitz die jeweiligen Blatter standen oder stehen.
IRRe is one of the key factors in determining the concession price of PPP projects.