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vin: did-(v.t.) see--be-in-om that I see; vin-om, -e you see, EY diiran vinan I am seeing; na-m-di I saw not, ba-g-di he saw, YT begdid id., YT gun-bedid they saw, men bedi I saw (irreg.?); na-m-dide I haven't seen, ba-g-dide he has seen; did-en to see
The LDR at 4 km altitude becomes enhanced as the irreg ularly-shaped ice particles become covered with water; note that 10 dB has been added for plotting purposes.
APENDICE Relacion de pseudoverbos generados a partir de los verbos-origen CARACTERISTICAS Verbo-origen Free-A/B Irreg. Conjug.
Electronic control, segmented pads for irreg. shaped panels.
Still others prefer grammatical criteria to semantic ones: generativists in particular pointed to irreg ularities in idiomatic expressions, and only few of them took fancy in analysing these.
Table 6 -- hydrocarbon waxes Paraffin Micro-crystalline Molecular weight ~360-420 ~580-700 Branching Low High Long chain Melting point ([degrees] C) 50-70 60-90 Hardness (dmm) 10-20 5-30 Crystals Large Very small plates irreg. Viscosity (cps) ~5 ~5 Toughness Low Mod.
regs have an irritating tendency to overstay their welcome and overtake common sense, so we need to have some irregs too."
The higher the grade and quality the more sure is the response from consumers who know home textiles irregs are good value buys.