IRRFIntegrated Resource Recovery Facility (composting; Richmond, CA)
IRRFInternational Relief Friendship Foundation
IRRFInternational Robot Racing Federation
IRRFIllinois Reference/Resource Families (genetics)
IRRFIraqi Relief and Reconstruction Fund
IRRFImposto de Renda Retido na Fonte (Payer-retained Income Tax; Brazil)
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Parcels addressed to IRRF Op Telic BFPO 647 should find many of our Coventry and Warwickshire soldiers.
IRRF is to be deployable and sustainable in joint force packages, tailored to meet the operational requirement, in order to conduct operations up to medium scale warfighting, nationally or multinationally under NATO, [Western European Union], U.
To help the advance of democracy in Iraq, President Bush has requested $360 million for economic assistance to continue work already begun under the IRRF and targeted towards helping the Iraqi government to create a functioning democracy and a justice system governed by the rule of law, to deliver basic services to its people, to collect revenues, to generate jobs and to develop a free market system capable of joining the global economy.
Gifts should be sent to IRRF, OP TELIC, BFPO 647, and parcel postage is payable.