IRRFImposto de Renda Retido na Fonte (Payer-retained Income Tax; Brazil)
IRRFIraqi Relief and Reconstruction Fund
IRRFInternational Robot Racing Federation
IRRFIllinois Reference/Resource Families (genetics)
IRRFIntegrated Resource Recovery Facility (composting; Richmond, CA)
IRRFInternational Relief Friendship Foundation
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Accordingly, the total amount of JCP declared in 2018, after deduction of IRRF, was R$ 99.0 million and the payment of said JCP will be made on March 15, 2019, without monetary restatement, as resolved at the meetings of the Board of Directors held on June 11, September 12 and December 3, 2018.
Com a substituicao das equacoes 1.2 e 1.3 pelas equacoes 1.4 e 1.5, foram obtidos os valores de IRRF (Indice de Exposicao aos Riscos Fuzzy) e PRF (Pontuacao de Riscos Fuzzy), expressos na Tabela 8.
But many analysts expect that the unity committee itself will break apart if the IRRF continues to refuse to join.
During my tenure, we managed the $18.4 billion Iraqi Relief and Reconstruction Fund II (IRRF II) covering contracts from rebuilding roads and oil pipelines to new construction of schools, hospitals, and police stations.
They're not much better, but obligated out of the $18.4 is $5.29 billion, which is about 29 percent of the '04 IRRF money.
Parcels addressed to IRRF Op Telic BFPO 647 should find many of our Coventry and Warwickshire soldiers.
IRRF is to be deployable and sustainable in joint force packages, tailored to meet the operational requirement, in order to conduct operations up to medium scale warfighting, nationally or multinationally under NATO, [Western European Union], U.N., [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe], or ad hoc coalition auspices.
In consultation with CO, support CO to drafting other relevant strategic documents including UNICEF contributions to the UNDAF drafting, IRRF and CPMP matrices of the CPD, as per guidelines.
(7) O FSE era abastecido pelas seguinte fontes: (i) imposto de renda retido na fonte (IRRF) sobre os pagamentos efetuados a qualquer titulo pela Uniao, suas autarquias e fundacoes; (ii) majoracoes decorrentes das alteracoes produzidas pela Medida Provisoria no 419/94 (IOF) e pelas Leis no 8.847/94 (ITR), no 8.848/94 (IRRF), no 8.849/94 (IR); (iii) a parcela do produto da arrecadacao resultante da elevacao das aliquotas da CSLL e do PIS das instituicoes financeiras nos exercicios de 1994 e 1995; e (iv) 20% do produto da arrecadacao de todos os impostos e contribuicoes da Uniao, excluidos aqueles mencionados anteriormente.