IRROIndian Reprographic Rights Organisation (graphics)
IRROInternational Relations and Recruitment Office
IRROInformation Resource for the Release of Organism (life sciences)
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paying peer firms, see IRRO Inst., supra note 16, at 2 (finding that
Google's unilateral conduct is a brazen attempt to turn Copyright law on its head, by usurping the exclusive rights of the Copyright holder," said Siddharth Arya, legal counsel, IRRO. Since 2004, Google has scanned over seven million books from across the world.
Results of one-sample Hotelling [T.sup.2] tests for the number of scallops (Placopecten magellanicus) on each sediment type at the end of the experiment (720 min) and the total proportion of time sea stars (Asterias vulgaris) and rock crabs (Cancer irro ratus) spent on each sediment type compared to the expected distributions.
The interaction between Kim Ahlroos and Mikko Koivunoro brought back happy memories of the days when playing alongside their fellow countrymen Irro Jarvi, they thrilled Riverkings fans.
Irro the presidential candidate, based on surveys, the most likely winner of 2016 elections, showed a great leadership and trustworthiness in his simultaneous micromanagement of the parliament and his party Wadanni.