IRRRInterest Rate Reduction Refinance
IRRRIndustrial Relations Review and Report (Industrial Relations Services; London, UK)
IRRRInstitute for Regional and Rural Research (University of Ballarat; Australia)
IRRRIndigenous Remote Radio Replacement (Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts; Australia)
IRRRInsulin Receptor-Related Receptor
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A second decentralizing movement occurred in Britain through the replacement of companywide labor agreements with agreements reached at the plant, division, business unit, or profit center level (Brown and Walsh 1991; IRRR 1989; Marginson et al.
The spread of so-called single table bargaining (in which a single employer bargains jointly with several unions with which it had previously negotiated individually) often involved the joining of unions representing manual and staff unions, as occurred at Lucas Industries (IRRR 1989; Marginson and Sisson 1990).
Industrial Relations Review and Report (IRRR) (1981), 'Single union deals', no.
Given a transmission range R and an interference range IR, an interference factor (IF) defined as IRRR by Zeng [10] to measure the interference strength between two channel-allocated nodes.