IRSCIndian River State College (Fort Pierce, FL)
IRSCInternet Resources for Special Children
IRSCIrish Republican Socialist Committees
IRSCInternational Reflux Study in Children
IRSCInternal Revenue Service Code
IRSCIrish Red Setter Club (Ireland; dog show club)
IRSCInternational Relations Sub-Committee
IRSCIntegrated Resource Solutions Consulting (Pittsburgh, PA)
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Combining quality and affordability, IRSC is ranked in the top 10 of public regional colleges in the South by US News & World Report and as the 5[sup.
A very close relationship has been established between the industry and the program at IRSC through an Industrial Advisory Board.
Refletant des rapports optimistes en provenance des Etats-Unis, Lander et ses collegues ont recemment rapporte les resultats d'une etude portant a croire que les cliniciens-chercheurs canadiens recoivent davantage de subventions de recherche des IRSC et de bourses salariales[sup.
A recipient of the 2006 Community College Excellence Award presented by Jobs for the Future and Met Life, and the 2008 Florida Chancellor's Award for Workforce Development for Adult Education/Career Pathways, IRSC offers more than 150 programs leading to bachelor's degrees associate degrees, applied technology diplomas and technical certificates at its five campuses.
IRSC performed a laser safety audit and gap analysis and helped us formalize a Laser Safety Program Manual to guide our day-to-day, laser based medical product manufacturing.
The IRSC has confirmed the sale will restart at 10am tomorrow and has notified members who had secured tickets, despite the site crashing, they can complete their transactions.
Il poursuit actuellement une etude sur les grandes controverses environnementales en milieu urbain, financee par le CRSH, ainsi que sur l'action locale en environnement et en sante publique financee par les IRSC.
Ainsi, entre janvier et juin 2001, le Caucus des femmes liberales a accueilli onze ministres, le conseiller en politique sociale du premier ministre, la directrice scientifique de l'Institut de la sante des femmes et des hommes des IRSC et deux representants du ministere de la Jusice(9).
IRSC maintains a data base on public and proprietary data and is used for pre- and postfunding information on applicants, not for investigative research and reports.
CDB InfoTek (800/427-3747) and IRSC (800/841-1990) are excellent sources of information and are effective tools for learning the basics of database investigation.