IRSDInformation Resources and Services Division
IRSDIndex of Relative Socioeconomic Disadvantage (Department of Health; New South Wales, Australia)
IRSDImmune-Related Stable Disease (cancer)
IRSDInstitut Royal Supérieur de Défense (French: Royal Defence College, Belgium)
IRSDImage Receptor Support Device
IRSDIndependent Roller Shutters & Doors Ltd (Ireland)
IRSDInstitute on Race and Social Division (Boston University)
IRSDInternal Revenue Service Document
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The dimensions included are all measures of relative disadvantage and many of the components of IRSD align with the indicators of deprivation and social exclusion described earlier.
Figure 2 shows how the overall mean deprivation scores vary across the IRSD deciles, where information on postcode has been used to map the PEMA survey respondents to the IRSD decile of their location (see Figure 1).
5 for those in the lowest IRSD decile is two and a half times higher than that among those in deciles 8 and 9 and almost 5 times higher than that recorded by those in the top decile.
Figures 3 to 5 show variations in the mean social exclusion scores across the IRSD deciles for the three domains of exclusion: disengagement, service exclusion and economic exclusion, respectively.
The pattern of service exclusion across the IRSD deciles in Figure 4 indicates that there is almost no locational variation in service exclusion, except in the lowest and top three deciles--and even here the variation is modest compared with that prevailing in other dimensions of social disadvantage.
2B IRSD offers ENG shooters and other camera operators improved subject framing flexibility, claims the company.
2B IRSD is also Canon's widest lens in the 20x zoom class, and it covers various focal lengths, particularly when combined with its built-in 2x extender expanding its 8.
2B IRSD portable HD lens is the result of the company's design tools, including optical simulation and 3D design technologies, optical glass materials and coatings and dispersion glass.