IRSFIOC (International Olympic Committee) Recognized Sports Federations
IRSFInternational Rett Syndrome Foundation
IRSFInland Revenue Staff Federation (trade union; UK)
IRSFInternational Rope Skipping Federation (Greenfield Park, QB, Canada)
IRSFIndian Rope Skipping Federation
IRSFInternational Revenue Share Fraud
IRSFInterim Revenue Stabilisation Fund (now Heritage & Stabilisation Fund; Trinidad and Tobago)
IRSFInitial Review Submission Form (Western Institutional Review Board; Olympia, WA)
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Endres began working with the IRSF six years ago, after her daughter, Jillian, was diagnosed with Rett syndrome.
After Riley was diagnosed, Jessica's parents suggested she contact IRSF. "They were amazing," she says.
Because of the experimental information available in the literature, (3, 4, 6, 11), it can be affirmed that the IRSF scheme is a much closer representation of the real process for Cr-based ethylene polymerization than that provided by any REF sequence.
The IRSF (Infrared Survey Facility), a joint project between The School of Science at the Nagoya University in Japan and SAAO was officially opened on 15 November 2000.
In 2007, Nues became Family Support Director of the Cincinnati-based International Rett Syndrome Foundation (IRSF), a group that offered guidance when Katie, now 8, was still a baby.
This solution to address data fraud situations is built over Mobileum's robust Counter Fraud analytics platform that already caters to a variety of Voice Fraud scenarios such as Domestic and International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), Bypass Fraud, and Roaming Fraud, and is in use by Tier-1 operators in the Americas.
This object is the target of a combined SALT, IRSF, KAT-7, and HartRAO observing campaign in June 2012.
One other organization that has had a profound bearing on my life since the moment I came into contact with them is the IRSF (International Rett Syndrome Foundation).
Louis, MO, February 07, 2016 --( The International Rett Syndrome Foundation (IRSF), now known as, will host its ninth annual St.
Title: New capabilities of IRSF and a simultaneous optical g'r'i' camera TRIPOL
The 1.4m infrared survey facility (IRSF) at Sutherland is a jointly run Japanese-South African telescope that has proved very productive for both partners.