IRSFIOC (International Olympic Committee) Recognized Sports Federations
IRSFInternational Rett Syndrome Foundation
IRSFInland Revenue Staff Federation (trade union; UK)
IRSFInternational Rope Skipping Federation (Greenfield Park, QB, Canada)
IRSFInternational Revenue Share Fraud
IRSFInterim Revenue Stabilisation Fund (now Heritage & Stabilisation Fund; Trinidad and Tobago)
IRSFInitial Review Submission Form (Western Institutional Review Board; Olympia, WA)
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Endres began working with the IRSF six years ago, after her daughter, Jillian, was diagnosed with Rett syndrome.
Because of the experimental information available in the literature, (3, 4, 6, 11), it can be affirmed that the IRSF scheme is a much closer representation of the real process for Cr-based ethylene polymerization than that provided by any REF sequence.
The IRSF annual conference is the only annual event dedicated to enhancing knowledge and awareness about Rett, a rare developmental disorder first recognized in infancy that causes problems in brain function that are responsible for cognitive, sensory, emotional, motor and autonomic functions.
Another roll-off roof observatory, built in 2007 next to the IRSF, was dubbed the Sumi-hut, (named for the Sumitomo Foundation that supplied funding for the project).
Since the merger, the IRSF has, says Nues, "enabled record-breaking levels of family support, an unprecedented cumulative spend on research, driven an accelerated pace of research, increased public awareness, provided greater visibility in Washington, D.
The IRSF has a database consisting of all the physicians familiar with Rett syndrome and were able to recommend to us where we needed to go next.
The Infrared Survey Facility or IRSF at Sutherland, a 1.
The recent IRSF conference in Japan was followed by an opportunity for the South African and other overseas delegates to visit the Kamioka Observatory in the mountains of Gifu province.
In March, Cunow and Ralf Kotulla from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, had a two-week observing run at Sutherland using the 1m telescope and the IRSF.
She then focused on examining the properties of 6 local dwarf galaxies based on deep NIR photometry obtained with the IRSF.
In May 2007 Ralf Kotulla and Hagen Meyer from Gottingen visited Pretoria and then went to SAAO in Sutherland to use the 1m telescope and the IRSF for observations for their collaborative project.
To further our understanding of the Great Attractor (GA), Woudt and Kraan-Korteweg have been involved in a deep near-infrared survey (with the IRSF in Sutherland) of the Norma Wall of galaxies; a highly obscured large-scale structure central to the Great Attractor, running nearly parallel to the Galactic plane.