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IRSGInternet Research Steering Group
IRSGInternational Rubber Study Group
IRSGInformation Retrieval Specialist Group (UK; British Computer Society)
IRSGIntergroup Rhabdomyosarcoma Study Group
IRSGIndividual Reference Services Group
IRSGInnovation and Research Systems Group (Australia)
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Removing a technicality, the IRSG said it actually accelerated, increasing to 12.
Then, the rise in interest rates will induce a shift in demand and subsequently production from IRSG goods to NIRSG.
After examining the services offered by IRSG members and the final draft of the self-regulatory principles, the FTC has not recommended in its report to Congress any privacy legislation aimed at regulating the individual reference services industry.
7% increase in world rubber consumption in the first quarter of 2014, the IRSG said.
However, the positive sentiment on some producer governments' latest market intervention schemes has extended support to the recent upward correction in the futures market prices, the IRSG reported
The IRSG reported world total rubber consumption increased in the third quarter of 2014, mechanically driven by the third consecutive quarter of accelerated growth of demand for rubber in China.
The IRSG reports that much of the growth in the total rubber consumption, however, was concentrated in China and the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China).
The IRSG report showed that while the exports of condoms, threads and cords have decreased in the first quarter of 2014, exports of gloves continued to increase in the same period.
The IRSG secretariat has contributed to it as the facilitator.
The IRSG figures show that even though SR production was down 3.
International Rubber Study Group, IRSG 2014 World Rubber Summit and World Rubber Week, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center, Singapore, www.
The IRSG said the negative fourth quarter growth in the U.