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Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk, "Segmentation in the Pre-Industrial Labour Market: Women's Work in the Dutch Textile Industry, 1581-1810," IRSH 51 (2006): 189-216.
The Irsh and Scots have shown how to do that, bringing in a small number of highly-influential foreign players to help raise their standards and that is the path Welsh rugby should take.
(61.)For other examples of Irsh failure to adhere to English norms of honor, see Palmer.
With the legendary MV, who also bred the colt, back home in Ireland for the big day, it just might be an occasion for a lot of nostalgia and for one young trainer to make the big breakthrough on Irsh racing's most prestigious occasion.
Former Irsh captain Terry Kingston shed tears of joy at Gibson Park as he helped Dolphin into Division One of the All Ireland League.
If you're still short by Saturday, buy the Irish Sunday Mirror and The Irsh Sunday People for more numbers and the chance to win a [euro]100 prize.
Collect six of the book vouchers we print in the Irsh Sunday Mirror and Irish Daily Mirror and send them with a cheque for pounds 9.95 to the address on your voucher.
GROGGY Jonny Wilkinson's latest injury, when he limped out of Newcastle's match against London Irsh; UP Danny Ciprani should be flyhalf against the All Blacks
CHAMPION Hurdle candidate Harchibald will be the chief attraction when the 2008 Irsh flat season opens at Dundalk on Friday night.
ROY KEANE's new biography will net him and controversial Irsh broadcaster Eamonn Dunphy more than pounds 1m in advanced royalties.