IRSISIndividual Residential Spray Irrigation Systems (pesticide system; Dallas, PA)
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Citing a BIR report, Chua said the country's biggest tax-collection agency was already in the middle of the procurement stage for the Irsis on alcohol.
Dulay said the upcoming implementation of IRSIS for alcohol and distilled spirits would "ensure the collection of correct excise taxes on distilled spirits and wines as well as curb illicit trade of alcohol products in the country."
The BIR implemented IRSIS to capture the alleged "illicit cigarette trade in the local market."
At present, tax stamps were being churned out by state-run printer APO Production Unit Inc., while Irsis Corp.
Front-loading was a practice by cigarette manufacturers before IRSIS to avoid the full weight of the tax increase the following year.
Apo will print the tax stamps while Irsis will provide the stamps' security features.
The Irsis on tobacco products has been implemented since 2014 to ensure collection of correct excise taxes, although homegrown cigarette manufacturer Mighty Corp.
"Our contingency is now fully activated to meet the smooth implementation of the IRSIS which we drew up as early as six months ago in anticipation of its final approval by the finance department upon the recommendation of the BIR," retired regional court judge Oscar P.
According to Tionko, it would be more difficult to implement the Internal Revenue Stamps Integrated System (Irsis) for distilled spirits and wines, compared to cigarettes.
"These regulations are nearby promulgated to prescribe the affixture of new internal revenue stamps on imported and locally manufactured cigarettes, whether for domestic sale or export, and the use of the Internal Revenue Stamp Integrated System (IRSIS)," the IRR read.
As for the BIR, Joven said the private sector may be involved in the production of cigarette tax stamps, which is currently being subcontracted by Irsis Corp.