IRSNInstitut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (French: Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety)
IRSNInformation Retrieval in Sensor Networks
IRSNInternational Road Safety News
IRSNInternational Republican Socialist Network (political group)
IRSNInternal Revenue Service Number (US IRS)
IRSNInternational Relations Student Network
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A major accident would have terrible consequences, but we would have to deal with them because the country wouldn't be annihilated, so we have to talk about it, however difficult it is," Jacques Repussard, the head of the public-funded IRSN, said on Wednesday at a presentation at the Cadarache nuclear research centre in southeastern France.
Image costs would be considerable, as high as the radiological costs," Patrick Momal, the IRSN economist responsible for the study said.
IRSN estimated the Fukushima disaster cost Japan about 200 billion euros ($270 billion).
The IRSN said it recommended a more thorough study of the causes of the leukaemia cases found near nuclear power stations and hoped to set up international research collaboration.
A possible source could be a reactor used for electricity or research or a plant using iodine 131 to make medical devices, the IRSN speculated.
Implementation and operation of comprehensive data network IRSN.
This notice relates to a call for applications (ACPA) for implementation and delivery of amoa EOM specific information management tools IRSN laboratories.
IRSN plans to conclude a contract for the provision of designing a HR data warehouse and to accompany the implementation of the payroll simulation tools, payroll control and social audit.
Where appropriate, a statement of turnover with IRSN on the last 3 years, if the applicant has recourse to subcontracting, it must produce the same documents for the subcontractor.
IRSN wishes to entrust to a service provider a media management mission including: assistance in defining the annual project of the library, developing and monitoring the budget of the library, programming and monitoring of the media library The coordination of the team and the media activity tracking and quality control.