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IRSPIrish Republican Socialist Party
IRSPInstrumentation Radar Support Program
IRSPInterdisciplinary Relationship Science Program (University of California, Los Angeles)
IRSPInfrared Scene Projector
IRSPIntramural Research Support Program
IRSPInternational Review of Social Psychology (Association for the Diffusion of International Research in Social Psychology)
IRSPIn-Place Readiness Spares Package (US DoD)
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In October Ronnie Bunting, a leading IRSP figure and son of the former unionist leader Major Ronald Bunting, was murdered in West Belfast amid claims of security force collusion.
Martin McMonagle, a former INLA prisoner and IRSP spokesman, said: "The nature of the conflict dictated that armed struggle was the only option available to those who wished to bring down a corrupt and stubborn regime and to remove the British occupation from Ireland.
IRSP The INLA got the nickname the Irps - as it was a play on the acronym of the Irish Republican Socialist Party - the organisation's political wing 127 Thought to be responsible for 127 deaths during the Troubles, its highest death toll was in 1982 when it killed 32 people 44 members were killed including five by the Army and four by the RUC THREE INLA members died on the Maze Hunger Strike in 1981 - Kevin Lynch, Patsy O'Hara and Michael 'Mickey' Devine 16 It is known for its vicious internal feuding which killed 16 republican paramilitaries including 10 of its own members 1974 It was formed in 1974 in a split from the Official IRA.
Mr Murtagh claims that IRSP party members are being targeted by Special Branch and even British security services.
Father -of-seven McGlinchey was described in an IRSP obituary as a "committed revolutionary".
The goal of the IRSP model is to maximise social and economic benefits including lower investment and lower emissions.
We're quite proud of the distinctive aspects of the IRSP and the INLA and aren't at all complemented to have them mistaken for the IRA.
The IRSP contract supports a unique multiple agency, multi-service, and international program providing logistics and technical support for 156 instrumentation radar systems located on 28 test ranges worldwide.
The Air Force and IRSP program participants have recognized BAE SYSTEMS as a leading source for test range instrumentation for over 15 years," said Bruce Hamilton, president of the BAE SYSTEMS Technologies Services Sector.
In a statement yesterday, the IRSP said: "It is with great sadness that we learned late last night of the sudden death of Declan McGlinchey.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss said the Australian Government will provide $5 million in funding over four years to the South Australian Government to deliver the IRSP.
The IRSP held a parade in Bray, Co Wicklow and announced that the organisation had renounced violence.