IRSSInfrared Supression System
IRSSIndiana Registry of Soil Scientists (West Lafayette, IN)
IRSSInformation & Resource Support System
IRSSInfrared Search System
IRSSInvestor Responsibility Support Services (Media, PA)
IRSSInternational Relations and Security Studies (various universities)
IRSSInstant Recall Storage System
IRSSIntegrated Requirements Supply System
IRSSIntegrated Reliability Software Suite
IRSSInfrared Signature Suppression System
IRSSIngersoll-Rand Security and Safety
IRSSIndian Railways Stores Service
IRSSInstrumentation and Range Safety System (US Air Force)
IRSSInternational Russian-Speaking Squad
IRSSIntegrated Range Status System
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On a hot, clear morning, entomologist Etienne Bilgo sits in the back seat of a car headed toward an IRSS research site in Soumouso, Burkina Faso, where he is attempting to circumvent dependence on chemicals altogether.
Caption: Above: Researchers from IRSS use these huts in the village of Bama to investigate the effectiveness of indoor residual spraying and bed nets against mosquitoes.
Caption: Below: In a laboratory at IRSS, researcher Bayili Koama is raising a strain of susceptible mosquitoes.
By 1920, federal government policy mandated residential school attendance in the IRSS for all Aboriginal children aged 7 to 15.
A significant result of the IRSS was to disrupt the bond between students and their families and communities.
There are an estimated 86,000 IRSS survivors in Canada (Aboriginal, 2010; CBC, 2010a; International, 2012).
While I do not argue that residential schools are solely or perhaps even primarily responsible for lingering social problems in Indigenous communities, a growing body of research has drawn a strong correlation between the IRSS and such social plights (Indian and Northern Affairs, 1996; Miller, 1996; Milloy, 1999).
It is possible that, even without the IRSS, there might still be a broad socioeconomic divide between Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal Canadians.
El uso de IRSS seria beneficioso si tiene especial cuidado en aquellos pacientes que reciben tratamiento con anticoagulantes como la warfarina, ya que potencia su accion (informado con la fluoxetina) o con cantidades plaquetarias inferiores a las normales (10).
Por lo anterior, se deberia incluir una curva de tolerancia a la glucosa con insulina basal en pacientes con antecedentes previos, antes de comenzar el tratamiento con antidepresivos, debido a que los IMAO tienden a producir hipoglucemias, al igual que la mirtazapina, la mianserina y los IRSS (13,57).
Las cefaleas de tipo migranosa son desencadenadas y exacerbadas con el uso de IRSS y bupropion (13,57,58).
The best forum for the complaint hinges on the facts and circumstances, for example, certain problems caused by the Service Center may best be handled through the IRSS Problem Resolution Office, but difficulties in an ongoing audit may best be handled by the IRS agent's case manager.