IRSSIndiana Registry of Soil Scientists (West Lafayette, IN)
IRSSInformation & Resource Support System
IRSSInfrared Search System
IRSSInvestor Responsibility Support Services (Media, PA)
IRSSInternational Relations and Security Studies (various universities)
IRSSIntegrated Requirements Supply System
IRSSInstant Recall Storage System
IRSSIngersoll-Rand Security and Safety
IRSSInfrared Signature Suppression System
IRSSIndian Railways Stores Service
IRSSInternational Russian-Speaking Squad
IRSSInstrumentation and Range Safety System (US Air Force)
IRSSIntegrated Range Status System
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For access to our proprietary tenant performance data, evictions, and credit and criminal reports, subscribers are served by their local office within 55 minutes or can use the NTN IRSS software for 24-hour access 7 days a week.
The acceptability of the option on allowing more skilled migrants is higher than that found among Australian respondents to the IRSS (AARP 2005) survey.
IRSS feeds are subscriber-centric and created in much the same way as targeted e-mail campaigns, including all of the measurement benefits associated with e-mail marketing.
The new railroad, called IRSS, is currently building a railroad yard inside the mill because the Lake Terminal Railroad will not permit it to use its existing facility or any of its equipment.