IRSSAIndian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (Canada)
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As well, IRSSA Schedule D notes that while those who receive the applicant's information are bound by confidentiality, "church entities will use their best efforts to secure the same commitment.
The TRC was created through the IRSSA and received a one-year extension on its original five-year mandate.
The IRSSA stated that if more than [dollar] 40 million remained in the CEP Trust Fund, that money would be distributed as personal credits to CEP recipients.
Funding will be used for the National Commemorative Marker Project, which has as its goal to physically mark the 139 residential schools included in the IRSSA and host community ceremonies.
of the matter is Schedule N of the IRSSA, which states, in part, "In order to ensure the efficacy of the truth and reconciliation process, Canada and the churches will provide all relevant documents in their possession or control to and for the use of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
However, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was created through the IRSSA.
The growth in the number of claimants, he says; is from More schools being added to the original eligible list, awareness being raised through events undertaken by both the Truth and Reconcilitation Commission and the IRSSA, and projections having being Made based on similar experiences in other countries.
Presently, the cost is being picked up by the federal government, but not through funds assigned to the IRSSA, said Ish.
Another avenue for additional dollars would be to go to court and have the parties to the IRSSA agree to amend it.
Ish was not present when the parties to the IRSSA set 12,500 as the number for IAP applications, but he understands that the figure was based on a study of students who attended British boarding schools, which indicated 15 per cent were criminally abused.
He noted that the federal government still has not provided the TRC with the full documentation that was presented during the litigation case that resulted in the IRSSA.
One of the 20 recommendation calls for the parties to the IRSSA "to address the legitimate concerns of the former students who feel unfairly left out.