IRSSSIndian Residential School Survivors Society (est. 1994; West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
IRSSSImproved Remote Strafe Scoring System (acoustic scoring system for US Navy and US Air Force training ranges)
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In 2008, the Indian Residential Schools Survival Society (IRSSS) sent out surveys to Indigenous communities in British Columbia and found that "An increase in alcohol use has been recorded especially in the North; an increase in depression and suicide rates in the interior region" ("Residential School Cash").
(6) The IRSSS was created in 1994 as a working committee of the First Nations Summit and currently represents approximately 70 percent of all Indigenous peoples in British Columbia.
"Until recently, Canada had assured IRSSS that, in cases where records could not be found for a former student, an affidavit from fellow classmates would be accepted as confirmation of attendance."