IRSSTInstitut de Recherche Robert-Sauvé en Santé et en Sécurité du Travail (French: Institute for Research in Occupational Health and Safety; Québec, Canada)
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"If you want to bring about physiological change to help the development and endurance of back muscles, you must focus your training on those specific muscles and not other muscular groups such as hip extensors," says Christian Larivihre, a professor at the Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvi en santi et en sicuriti du travail (IRSST), who conducted the study with Universiti de Montrial researchers Bertrand Arsenault, Rubens A.
Chantal Gauvin is currently at IRSST, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
The Institut de recherche Robert-Sauve en sante et en securite du travail (IRSST) has published a practical guide as well as three technical fact sheets that constitute a summary of the research work on the risks associated with formaldehyde exposure and on the means of prevention to be implemented.
Determination des caracteristiques acoustiques optimales des alarmes de recul [Determination of optimal acoustical characteristics of evacuation signals] (IRSST Rapport R-117).
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The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support from Institut de Recherche Robert-Sauve en Sante et en Securite du Travail (IRSST).