IRSTIntel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel Corp.)
IRSTInfrared Search and Track (US DoD)
IRSTIran Standard Time (time zone)
IRSTIstituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica (Centre for Scientific and Technological Research, Istituto Trentino di Cultura, Trento, Italia)
IRSTInstitute for Scientific and Technological Research
IRSTIonospheric Radio Systems and Techniques (conference)
IRSTIncident Response and Security Team
IRSTImmediate Response Spill Technologies, LLC (Louisville, KY)
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IRST is a passive sensor system used by international F-15 customers.
OpenPod will be available with targeting and IRST packages at launch, followed by communications, LIDAR, 5th-to-4th generation communications and other options later, the company said.
Increase the capacity of key public institutions that have a mandate for appropriate technology innovation and diffusion, notably CITT and IRST.
Opened in 2004, the IRST Cancer Institute located in Meldola, Forli in the Emilia Romagna region is a relative new cancer clinic, with a strong research focus, with Elekta Synergy installed, the IRST Cancer Institute will be part of a cancer care network that links several regional hospitals performing and studying advanced cancer treatment technologies.
Fleet operators and OPNAV officials have said they want an IRST to support search radars for detecting ASMs.
66 Legislative Decree 50/2016 and Others, aiming to receive manifestations of interest to collaborate with IRST Srl IRCCS to the project "A.
F IRST instalment of the new six-part series by John Sullivan following the lives of Only Fools and Horses characters Boycie and Marlene.
They founded IRST in 1996 and patented their concepts and design for a "Remote Site Medical Intervention System", which will be marketed as the PhysMed Network.
IRST21 is the next generation of Lockheed Martins legacy IRST sensor system, which accumulated more than 300,000 flight hours on the U.
The IRST targeting information is handed off to the Beam Control/Fire Control (BC/FC) system where a high-resolution passive infrared sensor precisely locates the missile plume and provides the fine track to an active illuminator laser.
In addition to the IFF system, Finmeccanica provides the Gripen NGs two other main sensors, the Raven ES05 AESA (E-Scan) radar and the Skyward-G IRST (Infrared Search & Track) passive sensor.
Lockheed will be supporting IRST sustainment at its IRST depot in Orlando, Florida.