IRTAFAInternational Revolutionary Truth and Freedom Association
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The author's Sufism is, of course, clearly on the sober side; he condemns the antinomians who would have perfect love of God replace shar i duties (idha kamulat al-mahabba irtafa at al-khidma; FM, 4, ll.
And Higgins, 35, of Bothal Close, Pegswood, and his accomplices, Irtafa Dawood, 29, of Empire Road, Perivale, Middlesex, Gavin Ellis, 37, of Gainford, Gateshead, and Ellis's wife, Lynn, 31, of the same address, were all convicted of offences including conspiracy to commit theft, money laundering and handling stolen goods, at Newcastle Crown Court, last year.
Irtafa Dawood, 29, of Empire Road, Middlesex, who bought the phones from Higgins and Ellis at knock-down prices then sold them on, was convicted by a jury of handling stolen goods.