IRTSInstitut Régional du Travail Social (France)
IRTSInfrared Telescope in Space (Japan)
IRTSInternational Radio and Television Society
IRTSIrish Radio Transmitters Society
IRTSIndian Railway Traffic Service
IRTSIncreasing Returns to Scale
IRTSIntensive Residential Treatment Services
IRTSInfrared Target Simulator
IRTSIncident Reporting and Tracking System
IRTSInfrared Telescope on Spacelab (NASA)
IRTSIntensive Rehabilitation Treatment Services
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The procedure features six loading rates (20, 10, 5, 1, 0.5, and 0.1 Hz) at 5.3, 20.1, 40.1, and 53.7[degrees]C; the specimen was that previously used in the IRTs. In the conventional compressive derivation of the dynamic modulus, linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs) are attached to the sides of the specimen.
(2017) manipulated the difficulty of preceding events as the one variable that affects effort by varying the interresponse time (IRT) and the interval of limited hold (LH) on differential reinforcement of a low response rate schedule (DRL).
Population growth and droughts have made water a critical issue in Colorado, and DeJonge says using IRTs to determine crop water needs just makes sense.
A key to Kendall DeJonge's (download image of Kendall DeJonge) research in Fort Collins is the use of infrared radiometric thermometers (IRT), affordable sensors that can determine the crop canopy temperature, and subsequently whether a crop is water-stressed.
"We just don't have that capability in the unit to do a lot of things that an IRT project provides.
Two cases in this population were screen-positive by the IRT1 + IRT2 criteria; of these, 1 case fell within the top 5% of the IRTS method and had 1 CF mutation detected; the second case was screen-negative by the IRTS.
The onus will be on those who develop CATs to ensure that IRTs assumptions are met and that there is good fit to the chosen IRT model; the software will not make this distinction.
Since January 1, 2002, the State's IRTs have responded to nearly 3,000 incidents.
Like all field electronic equipment, the IRTs we evaluated are relatively rugged and will withstand some degree of punishment.
IRTs are cited in industry literature as an essential preventive measure.