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IRWInventory, Retails Warranty
IRWIslamic Relief Worldwide
IRWIntegrated Reliability Workshop (IEEE)
IRWInterim Recovery Worksheet
IRWInternational Rocket Week (UK)
IRWIndian Rosewood (guitar construction)
IRWIn Real World (Internet slang)
IRWImperial Romulan Warbird (Star Trek)
IRWIndustrial or Residential Waste
IRWIndex of Relative Worth
IRWIncreased Resolution Window
IRWIdeal Relief Wing (India)
IRWInteractive Reward (shopping website)
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In this paper, the lateral coupling IRW mechanism is improved and vehicle dynamics models with FCIRW-bogie are developed.
Wu, "Structure and activity study of egg protein ovotransferrin derived peptides (IRW and IQW) on endothelial inflammatory response and oxidative stress," Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol.
The results of this assessment of intersex in male largemouth bass collected from the upper IRW indicate that the occurrence of intersex condition was high and comparable to other regions with elevated EDC concentrations.
IRW was providing food, health and sanitation, education, emergency shelter and household supplies and livelihood assistance to El Geneina , Kereink and Beida localities.
IRW was banned in Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2014, after investigations revealed it was a fundraising front for Hamas, channeling its donations to funding attacks and paying terrorists.
[mu]--average value of the natural logarithm IRW; [sigma]--standard deviation of the natural logarithm IRW.
Israelalso said it was shutting down activities of the British-basedIslamic Relief Worldwide(IRW).
Partners working with ACF in Dadaab are the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Islamic Relief Worldwide Kenya (IRW), Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) and Ministry of Health.
Bantayan Island, Cebu - Typhoon victims on this island will soon have houses to restart a brand new life after the Cebu provincial government signed a deal with the Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) for the construction of some 270 homes here.
The Iguacu river watershed (IRW) could be modelled with fuzzy, neural network, stochastic, and distributed models with compatible streamflow forecasts skills [21].
To quantify the precision of processing, the impulse response width (IRW), peak sidelobe ratio (PSLR), and integrated sidelobe ratio (ISLR) are used as criteria, as listed in Table 2.
Le bureau d'Egypte du Secours islamique (IRW) a declare avoir debloque trois millions de dollars, offerts par son bureau en Australie, pour le financement d'un projet de parrainage des enfants handicapes qui sera edifie au Quinze Mai.