IRWSIrish Red and White Setter (dog breed)
IRWSIpswich River Wildlife Sanctuary (Massachusetts)
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According to Christina Phillips, who is president of the Irish Red and White Setter Association of America, the parent club for the breed with the American Kennel Club and an AKC breeder of merit, IRWS often only need guidance in training to produce a steady hunting partner, as they still carry great bird sense and working ability.
You have to keep training interesting and positive with an IRWS," said Phillips.
Phillips says that the IRWS love to hunt, but like most sporting breeds, it's best to introduce them to birds and hunting at an early age.
While the breed is very biddable and generally quite easily trained, the IRWS is not a German shorthair in terms of their innate pointing instincts.
If you insist on a classic breed that points with a 12 o'clock tail the IRWS may not be the breed for you.
Do you hunt with your IRWS and do they have any titles to prove they are capable hunting dogs?
"So far, the breed has not split into 'show' and 'field' factions as has happened to many sporting breeds and I believe it is the responsibility of the parent club to educate breeders, judges and prospective owners so this will never happen to the IRWS. This is a unique hunting dog with a sound temperament, mind and body.
Azimuth IRW PSLR ISLR EICZT 0.65 m -13.22 B -9.82 dB ICZT 0.96 m -8.89 B -12.32 dB Range IRW PSLR ISLR EICZT 0.501 m -13.23 B -9.86 dB ICZT 0.61 m -9.23 B -12.16 dB