IRZImmediate Response Zone
IRZIn Situ Reactive Zone (biological treatment)
IRZInternal Recirculation Zone (mechanical engineering)
IRZIntermediate Reticular Zone (neurology)
IRZInner River Zone (Sacramento River; California)
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From this office, IRZ will work on building agreements with the different concerned partners and achieving projects on the spot", Christian Lange, German Parliamentary State Secretary told TAP.
She added that Tunisia will be the hub of IRZ activities in North Africa.
IRZ has already organised continuous training workshops for relevant structures of the Ministry of Justice along with lawyers and judges.
The objectives fixed by IRZ concern not only Tunisia but also countries of North Africa, particularly Morocco and Algeria starting from Tunisia.
Support for the project "Court administration modernization based on IT CMS--CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" was finalized in cooperation with German IRZ foundation (http://www.
Sonuc: Miyokardiyal performans indeksi, IRZ ve SVEZ uzamasina bagli olarak AY+normal EF'lu hastalarda ve normal bireylerde benzer idi.
PR ag accts: Golden Harvest, 2009; Greenleaf Genetics; Hoegemeyer Hybrids; Lindsay Corporation (Zimmatic, GrowSmart, Greenfield, Watertronics, FieldNET, Snoline, Digitec, ezWireless, IRZ, Lindsay Europe, Lindsay China, Lindsay Brazil); SchillingBridge Winery (projects), 2008
5Gb/s IRZ -- Low additive jitter -- Edge rates of less than 15-ps (20/80) -- Constant group delay characteristics, typically +/- 20-ps -- Amplitude and Symmetry Control
director of ARCADIS Remediation Services and inventor of the patented process called IRZ Technology, which is short for In Situ Anaerobic Reactive Zones.
The IRZ invention involves the injection into the subsurface of carbohydrates and sulfates that react with contaminants in groundwater to degrade or precipitate them into harmless products.
The IRZ technology offers a practical, cost-effective cleanup alternative for sites where groundwater has been impacted by chlorinated solvents (PCE, TCE), chlorinated phenols, metals (including chromium nickel, lead, cadmium, copper, and zinc), nitrates, perchlorate, and/or pesticides.
Pioneering the IRZ technology is our latest accomplishment in our continual search for advanced technologies that create a business advantage for our clients while protecting and sustaining the environment," says Dr.