IRgAInternational Reprographic Association
IRgAInstituto Rio Grandense do Arroz (Brazil)
IRgAIndian River Guides Association (est. 2000; Palm Bay, FL)
IRgAInfra-Red Gas Analyzer
IRgAIron-Regulated Gene A
IRgAInternational Recreation Go-Kart Association
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As avaliacoes atraves do IRGA iniciaram aos 120 dias apos o inicio dos tratamentos de omissao de nutrientes, sendo avaliadas duas folhas em cada parte da planta, a saber: folhas novas, folhas intermediarias e folhas velhas.
The highest rates of carbon exudation were reported in the cultivars BRS Taim, BRS Pampa, and IRGA 428, and among the lowest were the cultivars Koshihikari, IRGA 421 and Embrapa 130 (Table 1).
In the first example, for instance, Reky uses the pronoun we in which "Me with: Ryan, Irga, Yud, Septi, Liam, Lia, Fecia, ako, Gyne, Tifan, and Rez"are examples.
When An became steady, the chamber outflow was disconnected from IRGA and diverted into a silcosteel cartridge packed with 200 mg of Tenax (Markes International Limited, UK).
As variaveis avaliadas foram: altura da haste principal, numero de nodulos/planta, comprimento da raiz, peso seco da raiz, peso das vagens/planta e numero de vagens/planta alem das trocas gasosas que foram estimadas com o auxilio do equipamento IRGA. Dois genotipos (BRS Havana e L7 Bege) foram beneficiados na producao devido a inoculacao com a estirpe SEMIA 6144.
The photosynthetic rate (A), transpiration rate (E) and internal CO2 (Ci) were measured with a battery operated instrument IRGA (Infrared gas analyzer, Analytical Development Company, Hoddeson, England).
Each system consisted of a central unit where an infrared gas analyzer (IRGA), a pump, 8 solenoid valves and the controlling system were located, and up to 4 measuring chambers deployed to a distance of 5 m from the central unit.
The concept of evaluation is basically to find which of the rice strains can be used for commercial production and at this stage, the most favourable ones are the Supa Irga and Angola strains.
Command, control and custody over any future Iranian bomb will rest not among Iranian pragmatists, but rather within the most ideologically pure unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGA).