IS2Intelligence Specialist Second Class (paygrade; US Navy)
IS2Insertion Sequence 2 (biochemistry)
IS2Iron Soldier 2 (Atari Jaguar game)
IS2International Sustainable Systems (Washington, DC)
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The acquisition of IS2 extends Equinix's ability to provide Turkish businesses with the direct and secure connectivity they need to expand their global reach in new and existing markets.
Isolados RC-PE Pet-1 Pet-2 Pet-3 Pet-4 IS2 NY1 RC-PE -- 100 99,6 99,6 95,8 94,9 99,0 Pet-1 99,7 -- 99,6 99,6 95,8 94,8 99,0 Pet-2 99,6 99,8 -- 99,3 95,5 94,5 98,7 Pet-3 99,5 99,7 99,6 -- 95,5 94,5 98,7 Pet-4 93,4 93,4 93,3 93,2 -- 96,4 94,8 IS2 92,9 92,8 92,7 92,6 97,7 -- 93,9 NY1 99,2 99,4 99,3 99,2 92,8 92,3 -- Nome do isolado (codigo de nucleotideos /codigo de aad do isolado no GenBank, Pais, Estado): RC/PE (KJ704369 /AID53088, Brasil, PE), Pet/1 (DQ680141 /ABG76780, Brasil, PE), Pet/2 (DQ680142 / ABG76781, Brasil, PE), Pet/3 (DQ062152 /AAY62364, Brasil, PE), Pet/4 (AY753208 /AAV27299, Brasil, PE), IS2 (HM059034 /ADG57581, Brasil, RS), isolado/tipo do GLRaV/3: NY1 (NC_004667 /NP_813801, EUA).
Muscle-specific calpain, p94, responsible for limb girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A, associates with connectin through IS2, a p94-specific sequence.
amp; Saedler, H, Distribution of the Escherichia coli K-12 insertion sequence IS1, IS2 and IS3 among other Bacterial Species J.
For example, consider two information systems IS1 and IS2, the corresponding translators must be placed between the information systems.
From 6 to 20 min, the less- or nonpolar compounds, such as [delta]-tocopherol, [gamma]-tocopherol, [alpha]-tocopherol, [beta]-cryptoxanthin, lycopene, [alpha]-carotene, [beta]-carotene, IS2, and IS3 (IS4) were separated and detected from column 1.
Considerando que todas as cinco amostras apresentaram-se infectadas por RSPaV, conforme determinado pela utilizacao dos oligonucleotideos RSPaV_v1/RSPaV-c1, a eficiencia de deteccao desse virus com os oligonucleotideos RSP2/RSP21 (nas amostras CS1, IS2 e IS3) e com os oligonucleotideos dPR1_v/dPR2_c (nas amostras CS1 e IS3) nao foi adequada (Tabela 2).
The latter decrease of IS with the thickness of the tie film should be ascribed to the different values of IS1 and IS2, which also be discussed later.
Upstream of imiR-2, a 142-bp sequence shared 76% nucleotide identity with part of the insertion sequence IS2.
IS2 LaSonya Lewis, assigned to Commander 2nd Fleet, lights a boiler as part of Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) training.