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Isaaf is DCAS' new brand name for medical consumables and first aid supplies, officials said on Tuesday at the DCAS headquarters.
Isaaf ranks second in the assistance services market in Morocco with a 46 per cent share.
Privately-owned Saham Finances has majority stakes in three subsidiaries: Casablanca-listed CNIA Saada, sub-Saharan insurance firm Colina and Isaaf, a firm which focuses on assistance services market in Morocco, Abraaj said in a statement.
Summary: CAIRO - It's lunchtime and there's a big traffic jam, all the way from Isaaf going back as far as the Abul Ella Bridge (pictured) that joins Abul Ella with Zamalek, straddling the Nile.
With the UR as its foundation, the AEFTC complex would also include two additional "expeditionary air bases" located within its ranges-the Security Forces (SF) Expeditionary Readiness Training (ExpeRT) and Certification Center located at Indian Springs Auxiliary Airfield (ISAAF), and what is currendy the Red/AEF Flag training program located at Nellis AFB.
"It was an unforgettable moment when he bestowed on me the title of Mother of Ambulance (Umm Al Isaaf) and told me that not only him but entire Dubai was proud of me.
ISAAF sources in Kabul told that the tripartite commission discussed the issues including role and cooperation of Pakistan, Afghanistan and NATO forces in the war against terror.
Clashes also broke out between protestors and security forces in the Isaaf area of Downtown Cairo, in the vicinity of the Lawyers' Syndicate.