ISAFPIntelligence Service, Armed Forces of the Philippines
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The NBI and ISAFP each wanted a piece of the action alleging that the ark would be used by rebel soldiers to escape.
An identification card recovered from the suspect showed that he was assigned to ISAFP as a confidential agent.
But earlier reports say that the inmates at ISAFP managed to acquire mobile phones.
Brigadier General Eduardo AAaAaAeA~o, ISAFP chief, said the plan is sti on the drawing board.
Hindi naman ide-deactivate yung ISAFP, hindi totoo 'yan," said AAaAaAeA~ adding that the defense planning guidance issued by Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin is "to create one big intelligence organization in the future.
The official further explained that ISAFP will even become a bigger organization but will be given a different name.
Ang mangyayari dun, mas palalakihin pa and ISAFP, in a different name of course.
Navera also said he was told by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and Philippine National Police-Anti-Illegal Drugs Group (PNP-AIDG) representatives that they did not know of any involvement of Marcelino in their anti-drug operations at that time nor that the ISAFP had been conducting similar operations.