ISAIDInstitute for Sino-American International Dialogue
ISAIDInstitute for the Study and Application of International Development (Canada)
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ISAID last week Gennaro Gattuso should receive a lengthy ban for headbutting Joe Jordan, and I stand by that.
ISAID after the game against Poland on Wednesday night that if anybody other than Gary Speed and Brian Flynn were appointed to the Wales job several players would be thinking about their international futures.
ISAID to my wife: "Grab your coat, we have a date at the White House" She seemed happy enough even when I explained it wasn't with President Obama but in the similarly glamorous surroundings of Rhuallt.
ISAID in last week's column that the Hull KR game would be a barometer of where we're at with Saints at the moment.
ISAID some critical words about the BHA over the winter but the new chief executive Paul Bittar has made an impressive start.
ISAID last week that I was really looking forward to the game against West Ham because we hadn't played at Anfield for almost a month.