ISANAInternational Student Advisers Network of Australia Inc. (Australia and New Zealand)
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We are really looking forward to launching it,' said Isana. The Coolray was formerly named 'SX11' and it was renamed in August 2018 to Binyue.
Isana Yamada, "Samsara",
Orlando Espino (1), Isana Sanchez-Curbelo (1) and Alicia Bolanos-Medina (2)
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1970 Repertoire onomastique de l'epigraphie javanaise jusqu'a Pu Sindok Sri Isana wikrama Dharmmottungadewa.
Gradually, Eka helped create a network of victims called Isana Dewata (Wives Husbands Children of Victims of the Bali Bombings).
(2010) 'Indian students in Australia: victims of crime, racism or the media?', paper presented to the 20th ISANA International Education Conference, Canberra, 1-4 December.
BARGAIN BUY Isana Dam of last Thursday's Listed Meydan Classic winner Introvert, Isana was picked up by Peter Doyle for 21,000gns at the 2003 Tattersalls December Sale.
Authored by art critic Isana Murti, the book is filled with pictures and essays on her life and work spanning 55 years.