ISAQInternational Star Award for Quality
ISAQIce Skating Association of Queensland Inc. (Australia)
ISAQInterim Statement of Airworthiness Qualification (US Army; see also SAQ)
ISAQInstitution of Surveyors Australia, Queensland Division (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
ISAQInternet Self-Administered Questionnaire
ISAQInteractive Self-Assessment Question
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36) in response, members of the Isaq clan in northern regions (37) formed a resistance party known as the Somali National Movement ("SNM").
As a result, an attempt at the unification of the two European-controlled territories within Somalia following its independence caused antagonism between the largest clans (Dir, Isaq, Hawiye, Darod, Digil, and Rahanwayn), which used newly-brought European firepower to resolve their differences.
Whoever is eventually selected president, many leaders fear a repeat performance of the latter years of the Barre regime, when most official posts were given to members of his own Marehan clan, at the expense of the rival Isaq and Mijertyn clans.
Amaun Isaq, 20, was killed by a gunshot wound and his sister-in-law, Faria, gave birth in Kabul that night.
Amaun Isaq, aged 20, was killed by a gunshot wound to the head and his sister-inlaw, Faria, gave birth in Kabul that night.
Mohammed Isaq, 25, said he was taking his wife Saria, 21, to give birth when his 20-year-old brother Amaun was killed by shots from the soldiers.
After that, Barre militarily challenged clans opposed to his rule, especially the northern clans of the Majerten, which was responsible for a failed military coup in 1978, and the Isaq.
Tenders are invited for providing and laying of pvc pipe at ward no 4 from bichu galli to vai magdum darga, ward no 4 from babu dundage house to isaq peerzade house 2)construction of rcc gutter at ward no 2 bedargalli sanjiv naik house road and cross roads, to valimiki temple road,3) construction of cc ramp at govt office sham nagar anganwadi , govt primery school, ashram school, and govt health hospital at maa mohalla under tpc kudachi
The Riyadh-based Nobel Smile Dental Care Clinic (NSDCC) received the ISAQ award in the gold category for commitment to quality, leadership, technology and innovation.
The demonstrators and journalists were sprayed with blue colored waste water, and when we ran away I fell on the stairs and was bruised, many of my colleagues' cameras were damaged due to the waste water, such as Pal Media photographer Isaq Kasba (he was sprayed heavily with water) and Alquds newspaper photographer Suliman Khadir.
He was then joined by Isaq Hussain and they went into the premises to steal the TV before making their way to a car being driven by Naveed Ahmed.
Her husband, Mohammed Isaq, aged 25, his 20-year-old brother Amaun, who was killed, the woman's mother-in-law and a neighbour, who was driving, were all in the car when the shooting started, they said.