ISARCInternational Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction
ISARCInterfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (Canada)
ISARCIdriss Stelley Action Resource Center (San Francisco, CA)
ISARCIntelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Cell
ISARCInformation Systems Architects (UK)
ISARCIndia SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd. (Mumbai, India)
ISARCInstallation Shipping And Receiving Capability
ISARCIllinois Search and Rescue Counsel
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"While governments have put energy into high profile issues like health and education, and fretted constantly about the fiscal deficit, not enough attention has been paid to the social deficit," the ISARC says.
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The announcement was made by ISARC's Medical Education Secretary Hooman Sadri Ardekani on Saturday.
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"We encourage churches to contact us, and tell us their stories, joining others to help reduce poverty in Ontario," said Marlene Buwalda-Liao, the Presbyterian Church's ISARC representative, and member at Knox, Bracebridge, Ont.
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because they're so ubiquitous, they seem part of the city's wallpaper, which the citizenry largely moves past, rarely pausing to consider how near we are to their condition." (15) Jamie Swift, Mira Dineen and the dedicated folks at the Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC) contribute to the production of a counter-hegemonic discourse of poverty that, more than ever, is desperately needed in Ontario.