ISASCInternational Society of Antique Scale Collectors
ISASCInternational Study on Altered States of Consciousness (pharmacopsychiatry)
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The codification employed for the initial autoclaved substrates (ISA) was ISAMP for ISA from "marupa" sawdust, ISAPB for ISA from "pau de balsa" sawdust, ISAPP from waste of the crushed stipe of "pupunheira", and ISASC from sugar cane bagasse.
The amount of macronutrients present in the initial substrates analyzed (Table II) followed the order Ca>K>P>Mg, while micronutrients followed the order Na>Fe (except for ISAPP and ISASC, in which Fe was higher than Na) >Mn>Zn>Cu.
--The highest content found in all substrates tested (ISAMP, ISAPB, ISAPP and ISASC) was that of K, varying from 36.83 to 42.18g*[kg.sup.-1] and followed by P (6.95-10.60) and Mg (1.57-2.50).