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We need Aostrong European institutionsAo to tackle these challenges, he argued, and it was up to the Commission and Parliament acting together Aoto ensure that the EU is more than the sum of its partsAo.Joseph Daul (EPP, FR) stressed that the EU must project Aowhat the EU isAua world leader on the measures of GDP, market size and contributions to international aidAo, he added.
Older people, it turns out, have fallen in love with it for the same reasons.Honda is to be commended for recognizing the elements of the ElementAAEs basic appeal and not doing anything to destroy it in a bid to keep up with the Aston Martins and the Bentleys.The Element, instead, is what it isAua wagon tall of height and short of length, city-capable in terms of fitting into tight parking spaces, relatively easy on the pockets in the important matter of fuel costs, and easy on the mind when it comes to reliability and maintenance.No one would call the Element pretty.
Suddenly, we round the corner and there it isAua shimmering blue diamond overlooked by craggy mountains.