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ISAVEInstituto Superior de Saúde do Alto Ave (Portugal)
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United Arab Emirates lender First Gulf Bank has announced the launch of its iSave Online Account, which allows customers to withdraw without restrictions, while at the same time giving them opportunities to win prizes, said the bank.
With iSave, customers can open up to ten accounts through FGB's online banking channel and make as many withdrawals as they wish.
"The best deal currently available - First Utility's iSave Fixed v3 December 2013 - costs pounds 1,040 a year," Mr Todd said.
First Utility, for example, has replaced its market-leading iSave Dual Fuel V10 plan which costs the average gas and electricity user pounds 1,027 a year with a new V11 tariff costing pounds 101 a year more.
By switching to the best online deal with First Utility iSave 9, you could save pounds 256 on the average pounds 1,286 tariff.
The cashback is offered to customers who switch to the iSave dual fuel tariff before October 12, 2011.
Most current functional vision assessments, such as ISAVE, the Individualized Systematic Assessment of Visual Efficiency (Langley, 1998), and the Functional Vision and Learning Media Assessment (Burnett & Sanford, 2008), have been based on the needs of children with ocular visual impairments.
To go along with its Gen Y-centered iLife program, Shell Federal Credit Union in Deer Park, Texas, has added an iSave account.
The iSave Fixed October 2016 deal comes just in time to help households budget better for the chilly winter months ahead, giving peace of mind that there will be no surprise bill increase through to next autumn.
That will leave secondplaced First Utility's iSave Fixed September 2015 deal, which averages PS992 a year, as the cheapest.