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ISAWInstitute for the Study of the Ancient World (New York University)
ISAWInternational Software Architecture Workshop
ISAWIndonesian Society for Animal Welfare (Malang, Indonesia)
ISAWIndependent Students Association of Whitireia (New Zealand)
ISAWInteractive Self-Avoiding Walk
ISAWIranian Student Association of Waterloo
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Isaw it in the answer to the letter about making jam safely.
ISAW my first magnolia of the year at Ruthin Craft Centre and I had to stop and stare - it was perfect.
Alexander Jones of ISAW noted, "The evidence we have for Old Babylonian mathematics is amazing not only in its abundance, but also in its range, from basic arithmetic to really challenging problems and investigations.
Meme Isaw se demandait si la mort accidentelle de son pere dans la montagne pouvait avoir ete causee par une malediction en retour.
So I looked up Wales on the internet and the first thing Isaw was the Wales Millennium Centre.
Isaw Steve Outing's column on newspaper redesign ("Don't Redesign the Print Edition to Ensure Failure," Stop the Presses, E&P Online, Nov.
I saw his work ethic, Isaw the way he talks, his confidence, his bravado.
He said: "The very first time Isaw her she was sitting on the kerb outside her house.
ISAW the film Gladiator recently and I would like to know the title of the commander of a Roman legion?
At the ABC screening last December, when Isaw a ninety-minute montage of the miniseries, the audience howled at that anachronistic zinger, and I won't be surprised if they excise it from the broadcast version.
1's ISAW enterprise dashboard is an advanced and intuitive tool that allows for collecting, analyzing and managing global security data.
You can also stand around a fishball cart and share a few sticks while reminiscing, have isaw at Mang Larry's Isawan, or have tapsilog at Rodic's at the UP Shopping Center.