ISBJIntegrierte Software Berliner Jugendhilfe (German: Integrated Software Berlin Youth; youth care software architecture)
ISBJInternational Small Business Journal
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Further, contributions also were obtained from ETP (five articles), SBE (three articles), ISBJ (two articles) and API (one article).
Out of the 389 articles that constituted our final sample, JBV provided 26.9%, ETP provided 19.5%, ISBJ provided 17.4%, and SBE provided the remaining 36.2%.
(4.) Thus, JBV and SBE were included in the SSCI from early in their histories; ISBJ is in the process of being added some 23 years after first publication.
Although the citing articles had to be published in JSBM, ISBJ, ETP, JBV, SBE or API between 1986 and 1992; the cited journal articles and other sources (monographs, working papers, conference papers and books) could have been published anytime or anywhere.
One estimation is that there are over 50 journals worldwide on small business and entrepreneurship, but I would argue that the ISBJ is distinctive.
The telephone call from Manchester in the early 1980s suggesting a meeting in a Baker Street restaurant to discuss `an exciting new proposal' -- the outcome was the birth of the ISBJ (or its forerunner the European Small Business Journal).
The chapter has intrinsic worth let us say but lacks contextualisation, especially to those on whose interests the ISBJ focuses.
(Perry's (1999) book (reviewed in the April-June issue of the ISBJ) does this much better).
A much better candidate as a main text, and published just a couple of months later is Van Osnabrugge and Robinson's Angel Investing (Jossey Bass, 2000) (and which I will review in a subsequent issue of ISBJ).
(1) This paper has benefited from comments by colleagues at Nottingham and from the suggestion advanced by ISBJ referees.