ISCDInternational Society for Clinical Densitometry
ISCDInternational School of Colour and Design (Australia)
ISCDInterface Switching Capability Descriptor
ISCDInternational Society for Computerized Dentistry
ISCDIterative Source-Channel Decoding (digital communcations)
ISCDIntegrated Services for Children Division (Canada)
ISCDInternational Skating Club Davos (Switzerland)
ISCDInternational Society for Community Development (New York, NY)
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For the thousands of children that have benefitted from ISCD, the Center's sports activities have proven to prolong life expectancy of those with serious disabilities," according to Frazin.
Dubai has recently been named as one of the top five in the International Shipping Centre Development Index (ISCD), to become the first Arab city to achieve this top international recognition in the maritime sector, according to a recent report by Baltic Exchange, and Xinhua News Agency, a subsidiary of the China Economic Information Service (CEIS) based in London.
Official positions of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) on DXA evaluation in children and adolescents.
Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry interpretation and reporting in children and adolescent: the 2007 ISCD Pediatric Official Positions.
Official Positions of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry and executive summary of the 2007 ISCD Position Development Conference.
(3) Osteoporosis was defined as normal biochemical levels of serum calcium phosphate and 25-hydroxyvitamin D with radiological evidence of osteoporosis either using the International Society of Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) criteria (established (severe) osteoporosis z-score < -2.0 with one or two osteoporotic fractures or osteoporosis by z-score<-2.0) [19].
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Table 1 Team Assignments and Team Member Behavioral Profiles Team Behavioral Profile Team 1 S1 ISCD S5 CSDI S6 DICS Team 2 S2 SICD S4 CISD S8 CSID S11 SCDI Team 3 S10 CSDI S13 SICD S15 IDSC Team 4 S7 CSID S9 CSID S12 ISDC Team 5 S3 ISCD S14 ISCD Table 2 Anticipated Working Relationships Between Team Members of Each Team Teams Great Requires Requires Relationship Effort Work Team 1 XXX Team 2 XXXX Team 3 XX X Team 4 X XX Team 5 X
[27] International Society for Clinical Densitometry, ISCD Official Positions-Adults, 2015,
Clinical use of quantitative computed tomography and peripheral quantitative computed tomography in the management of osteoporosis in adults: the 2007 ISCD Official Positions.