ISCGMInternational Steering Committee for Global Mapping
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The sixth meeting of ISCGM took place at the Cambridge Conference in 1999 (ISCGM 1999), and the seventh in Cape Town in 2000 (ISCGM 2000a).
While the Global Map idea was an initiative which responded to Agenda 21, ISCGM has continued its efforts to provide a global database and was involved in four preparatory meetings leading up to the Summit, holding workshops and side events on Global Map at each one (Maruyama and Akiyama 2003; Masaharu and Akiyama 2003).
In addition, the designation of ISCGM as a recognized implementation organization strengthens the case for the participation of national mapping organizations in ISCGM.
Estes, the first Chair of ISCGM whose untimely death took place in 2001.