ISCHEInternational Standing Conference for the History of Education
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At the same time, the study highlights complexities in order to establish strategic alliances with institutions such as the International Standing Conference of the History of Education (ISCHE).
The goals of ISCHE reflect the broad array of issues germane, worldwide, to children's environmental health and safety:
Ein Beitrag zur Situlenkunst des Osthallstattkreises (Romisch-German ische Forschungen 26).
Marcantonio wurde das vordervokal ische Wort [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] nicht mit der hintervokalischen Bezeichnung der Ungarn magyar in Verbindung bringen.
Europa ische Vorkommen von Tetragnatha shoshone (Arachnida, Araneae, Tetragnathidae).
The emergence of interest in both the visual--and thus, necessarily material--aspects of education, and to a lesser degree, the methodological issues in and implications of using visual data, can be seen to have been signalled in the 1998 ISCHE conference, 'The Visual in the History of Education'.
Janice Ische, RN, was Staff Nurse, Adam Linton Hemodialysis Unit, Victoria Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre, Ontario, Canada, at the time this article was written.
"Our new design of Cleanfix fans incorporates all the benefits of our original fan but also includes fan blades that automatically adjust with temperature" said Michael Ische, product manager at Novatrax.
1975): 55-88; Malie Montagutelli, "John Tanner, a Stranger in his Own Land," paper presented at the 16th ISCHE Conference, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 10-13 August 1994.