ISCLInternational Society for Cutaneous Lymphomas
ISCLIndiana Senior Classical League
ISCLInterim Status Compliance Letter
ISCLIntegrated Secure Communication Layer
ISCLInternational Studies in Computational Linguistics (University of Tuebingen; Germany)
ISCLIndian Steel Corporation Ltd. (Ruchi Group; India)
ISCLInstitute for Successful Church Leadership (Robert Schuller)
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On August 29, the Cabinet endorsed the final draft of ISCL as a temporary law, after amending its most controversial articles, as instructed by PM Samir Rifai.
The new amendments to the ISCL are certainly a positive step; we hope that the government would review a series of other laws that impose some restrictions on media freedoms in order to reach international standards, said Nidal Mansour, director of the Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists, adding, We note that the government has taken our recommendations into consideration in the amended law; we call on the government to seek dialogue with media institutions prior to endorsing any law related to their work; this would enhance partnership and support Jordans democratic image.
30 March 2010 - ICRA said it set an LBBB- rating to the INR7.36bn (USD163m/EUR121m) term loans and INR700m fund-based bank limits of Indian Steel Corporation Ltd (ISCL).
ICRA also assigned an A3 rating to the INR10.45bn non-fund-based bank limits of ISCL.
The ratings assigned take into consideration ISCL's experienced management, its extensive distribution network and the locational advantage enjoyed by company as its plant is located near Kandla port.
Individual recombinants containing a desired interval again can be backcrossed to background strain animals, resulting in multiple offspring that all carry the same small congenic interval; this is known as an ISC line (ISCL).
ISCLs are particularly efficient when only one copy of a gene is sufficient for eliciting the desired effects (i.e., for dominant effects).
Masters, 18802 14-A-15-A Iscl, PO Box 14, Boise, ID 83707.
EORTC, ISCL, and USCLC consensus recommendations for the treatment of primary cutaneous CD30positive lymphoproliferative disorders: lymphomatoid papulosis and primary cutaneous anaplastic large-cell lymphoma.
ISC line (ISCL): A group of interval-specific congenic (ISC) animals with identical genetic background that all carry the desired small DNA piece (i.e., congenic interval) on one copy of the respective chromosome; the DNA on the other copy of the chromosome is inherited from the background strain into which the animals have been backcrossed.