ISCNIntegrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
ISCNInternational Symposium on Computer Networks
ISCNIntegrated Satellite Control Network (US DoD)
ISCNIt Sport Calcio Napoli (Italian newsgroup)
ISCNInternational Society of Citrus Nurserymen
ISCNInternational System for Human Cytogenic Nomenclature
ISCNInformation System Change Notice
ISCNInhomogeneous Symmetrical Condensed Node
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More specifically, the essence of ISCN could instead be captured using three broad conceptual elements--process, structure, and technology--and their interrelationships (Arlbjorn et al.
Written for human cytogeneticists, technicians, and students, this volume updates, revises, and incorporates all previous ISCN (International System for Human Cytogenic Nomenclature) human cytogenic nomenclature recommendations into one publication.
ISCN 2009; an international system for human cytogenetic nomenclature (2009).
Debido a que en estos casos no "se observa clonalidad segun lo estipula el ISCN de 1995, en la presente investigadon las conclusiones definitivas sobre estos posibles mosaicismos se establecieron una vez realizada la Hibridacion In Situ con Fluorescencia (FISH) en los individuos afectados.
El analisis y conclusiones se llevaron a cabo segun ISCN (1995).
The ISCN is an industry forum focused on creating more awareness and collaboration between academic researchers, financial supporters, professional advisors and the general public in the regenerative medicine and stem cell field.
Cytogenetic analysis of the bone marrow using conventional cytogenetic techniques showed that the ISCN karyogram was: 42-43, X, −X, −4, −8, −13, +mar1-mar5 [cp6]/46, XX[2] [Figure 1].
ISCN guidelines for the chromosomal nomenclature (2013) were followed for the karyotype analysis (6).
ISCN 2009: An International System for Human Cytogenetic Nomenclature (2009) -- Recommendations of the International Standing Committee on Human Cytogenetic Nomenclature.