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To determine whether the locations of the ISCR sequences in the S.
The ISCR-like elements carried by the sensitive isolates, while clearly related to ISCR1-5, differed markedly from known ISCR sequences (15).
Identification of Resistance Genes and Sequences Adjacent to ISCR Elements
maltophilia isolates that possessed an ISCR element.
Linkage of the ISCR element to [DELTA]glmM, sul2, or floR was then investigated by PCR analysis, i.e., the oligonucleotide pair CRFF/sul2F is expected to generate a product if the ISCR sequence is close to sul2 and downstream of it (Figure 2).
maltophilia isolates possessed ISCR elements and whether these could be linked to dhfr or sul genes, as has been shown (18).