ISCSInternational Symposium on Compound Semiconductors
ISCSInternational Solar Cycle Studies (study group for solar variability, climate, and space weather)
ISCSInternational Satellite Communications System
ISCSIncome Support Computer System (UK Benefits Agency)
ISCSInterval Specific Congenic Strains
ISCSInternational Sand Collectors Society
ISCSIntegrated Sensor Control System
ISCSIntegrated Submarine Communications System
ISCSIntegrated Satellite Control System (US Navy MILSATCOM)
ISCSImproved Saturn Communication System (military avionics)
ISCSIntegrated Shipboard Communications System
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In TRW ISCS we have found a front-ranking consulting organization on a global scale," stated Dr.
Pierre Spilleboudt, TRW ISCS vice-president for Europe stated: "TRW ISCS focuses on delivering global enterprise solutions.
TRW ISCS and EIGNER+PARTNER AG will be presenting their strategic alliance during road shows that will take place in the near future in Europe and North America.
Pierre Spilleboudt, vice president for TRW ISCS Europe, said: "We support enterprises in creating value, spurring innovation and implementing accelerated changes.
TRW ISCS said its management consulting practice is committed to achieving sustainable results in three areas of excellence: organization, information systems, and management.