ISCSTIndustrial Source Complex Short Term (model)
ISCSTInternational Society of Coating Science and Technology (Buffalo, NY)
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Nichols was encouraged to attend the symposium by Deep Bhattacharya, of Eastern Chemical, who serves as a technical editor of JCTR and who has also been involved with ISCST.
For his part, Benkreira hopes that the collaboration between JCTR and ISCST will "develop broader awareness of the ISCST member research activities" and to encourage those who have not yet attended ISCST meetings to participate and add voices to the exchange of ideas taking place.
The ISCST meetings really have a good mix of industrial and academic participants," says Benkreira.
Nichols acknowledges that ISCST is interested in very highspeed application of coatings on various substrates, such as by roll coating and slot die coating.
At the ISCST symposia, participants discuss how to solve the problems inherent in various problems inherent in various coatings methods.
Benkreira and Nichols both expect readers will find ideas in the special issue to assist their work in the future, as well as "an increased awareness of the breadth and type of ISCST member research activities," says Benkreira.