ISCUInfant Special Care Unit (various locations)
ISCUIpswich and Suffolk Credit Union (UK)
ISCUInterior Savings Credit Union (British Columbia, Canada)
ISCUIsland State Credit Union (Australia)
ISCUInternational and Serious Crimes Unit (Israel Police)
ISCUInternational Save the Children Union
ISCUIntelligent Signal Condition Unit
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Escherichia coli has three CDS proteins: EcIscS (class I), EcCsdA (class II), and EcSufS (class II), of which crystal structures were determined alone and in complex with [Fe-S] scaffolds or sulfur acceptor proteins like IscU, TusA, and CsdE [8, 31].
(b) IscS/IscU complex structure is superimposed on ToCDS structure and only IscU is represented as a cartoon.
In view of the importance of the persons responsible for the Shariah Governance System in IIFS, the certain "fit and proper" criteria should be imposed on members of the Shariah board as well as officers of the ISCU and ISRU.
Splice mutation in the iron-sulfur cluster scaffold protein ISCU causes myopathy with exercise intolerance.
Tebe, Boze, hvalimo, / sveto Trojstvo slavimo, / mater Divu ctujemo (3C) Tebe stuju svi anjeli / i castuju arkanjeli (Blazenu Djevicu) (11A) Cinis ludem u zli voli / mir i pokoj u nevoli (Bog) (11A) Nije s nami Bog uzvisen, / nije prez nas Bog ponizen (5A) Jer se nebo raduje / da Isus Bog krajuje (11A) Isus nam vsim krajuje (13A) Kratak put jest kim tecemo, / o dusah se ne pecemo (17C) Ludi iscu svita diku / jere ginu onomu viku (17B) Cemu krasis nase tilo, / a videci da je gnilo?